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Introducing our exquisite collection of Canadian made, modern hand-blown glassware specifically crafted... 

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A curated collection of things that we make and use every day.

The Mason Jar Epiphany

It all began with a simple realization – despite being immersed in the art of glassblowing, our personal glassware collection was surprisingly boring.

We found ourselves using plain mason jars to drink from. Although they embody a rustic, utilitarian charm (and the kids couldn't break them), we realized there was little thought given to the potential beauty that our own craft could bring to these moments.

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This realization ignited a spark

And we began our journey to reimagine and re-appreciate the glassware that we use at home. 

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A currated collection of things that we make and use everyday.

Soffi Collections embodies the fusion of form and function.

What began as our desire for a more enchanting drinking experience, blossomed into a collection that elevates the way we engage with our daily rituals.

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A Few Other Things We Love

Functional Decor

Hand blown glass functional home decor, vases and bowls; unique pieces we love... 

From Our Showroom

VENTRICLE is as hand blown sculptural vase designed by Eva Milinkovic referencing the organic beauty of the human heart.

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