2024 IDS - meLo Project for SYLLABLE

2024 IDS - meLo Project for SYLLABLE

Future Neighbourhood

Soffi Studio in collaboration with DONER TURRIN Inc. for meLo Project - IDS Toronto 2024, designed by SYLLABLE Inc.

Brief as provided by Syllable:

meLo reimagines the workplace as a hub of well-being and support. This space accentuates the multifaceted approach to wellness in our built environment, harmonizing technology, nature, and restoration to create a transformative office experience.

 The project provides an immersive experiential journey, showcasing the importance of environmental and emotional responsibility through binaural lighting, scents, sound, and textures, all while striking a balance between technology and nature. The result is an inclusive ecosystem, fostering personal growth and creativity, where the personal and social can intermingle. Join us on this mesmerizing journey to reshape the office experience and promote mental well-being among us.

SOFFI STUDIO has created a custom glass screen that is meant to mimic falling water. Multiple glass elements are secured to several stainless strands utilizing centuries old hand-blown glass techniques.  These glass strands are arranged to follow the contour of the space designed by SYLLABLE, creating a dynamic screen of different shaped textured, clear, and mirrored glass components.

Visit the Interior Design Show in Toronto, Jan 18 - 21, 2024.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building


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